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The Benefits of Bakkies Covers in South Africa

In South Africa in particular, we have been blessed with one of the best climates I the world. However, we still get our very windy, rainy and cold moths of the year. This doesn’t always work well for bakkie owners, however. When transporting goods on your open bakkie, there are times when you need to shield it from the weather elements. There are also times that you need to secure your load with covers for bakkies.

These covers have been designed to be incredibly adjustable so that it can fit over the beds of bakkies. Not only do covers for bakkies provide a covered storage area in the bed of the bakkie, but it also helps the bakkie to be far more aerodynamic. There are covers that have been equipped with hinged doors on the top so as to provide the bakkie owner with access to the vehicle’s bed.

How Bakkie Covers can Aid Your Business

Many businesses in South Africa make use of bakkies as their main mode of transport. It is used in various industries such as the furniture removals and agricultural industries and is popular for their flexibility and their heavy tonnage.

Investing in covers for bakkies offers various advantages that your business will benefit from. You will even find that after a short while, the cover will have already justified the investment and paid for itself. The back of your bakkie will be transformed into a weatherproof vehicle. This is especially important when hauling electrical equipment or livestock feed. Fine grain goods such as soil and sand will deteriorate in the rain, and will be strewn across the road during transportation if not covered up properly. Protect your hauls from the elements by investing in affordable covers for bakkies.

It is unfortunate that South Africa has become a hotbed for vehicle crime, so don’t let your business run across it. Protect your cargo and add extra security by investing in a cover for your bakkie. There is no need today anymore to have the sickening experience of arriving at your destination to learn your valuable cargo has either been stolen or damaged. Covers for bakkies completely remove this risk. Thus, your insurance policy won’t be exacerbated with many claims, leading you to keep your premiums down and saving money all around. These are a few of the many benefits that these covers offer.

Quality and Affordable Covers for Bakkies from Xpert Covers

If you are looking for the best quality covers for bakkie and the best value for your money, then look no further than Xpert Covers. Throughout the many years we’ve been in operation, we have cultivated a well-earned reputation for helpful service and affordable, quality and durable products.

All of our products adhere to our strict quality control standards, and all materials are sourced from the best local and international distributors and suppliers. This assures our clients that the Xpert Covers products they purchase are of the best possible quality.

Our experienced team of professionals are waiting for your call to provide you with all the info you’ll need to make a wise and informed choice with regards to which bakkie cover to purchase. With so many options available, it’s best to seek the advice of an industry professional who’ll make sure you receive the best value for your money, and that all your needs are met.

We have been supplying South Africa with quality covers for bakkies for many years, and intend to continue doing so for many more years to come. Contact us for affordable and quality covers in Pretoria.


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