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Protect Your Cargo with Tonneau Covers in Pretoria

The bakkie transportation industry in South Africa is an incredibly important industry. Many sectors rely on it because of the poor state of our national railway infrastructure. Without the bakkie industry, many of the country’s products and services won’t be able to be delivered on time and reliably.

When carrying items on an open bakkie, you will need to protect the contents from weather conditions and theft, and this is why it makes sense investing in tonneau covers in Pretoria. These solid covers are usually manufactured from fiberglass while the soft covers are manufactured using vinyl, while also being the most inexpensive.

You also have different options when it comes to the mounts you can choose from, with your selection being influenced on the loads your bakkie will carry and how many times you make use of the bed to carry these items. In this regard it will be best to invest in a cover that is easy to install and one that is easy to open and remove. There are various different ways how you can lock and unlock covers. You should also check whether the cover has features which will keep rainwater away from it. The most important aspect to consider is that the cover has to fit perfectly over your bakkie’s bed.

Different Types of Tonneau Covers

You will also find there to be different types of tonneau covers available, ranging from retractable tonneau covers, aluminium, folding, fiberglass, drop down and roll up tonneau covers, to name a few. Aluminium covers are exceptionally high engineered, with its design process patented. These covers have been designed with security and style in mind, while also increasing your petrol mileage.

However, the tractable cover provides bakkie owners with the tractability of investing in a hard cover while also having the ability to haul large items without the need to remove the cover from the bakkie’s bed. Fiberglass covers are also incredibly secure and are designed to be weather resistant. However, these covers are rather heavy and might require a bit of effort to remove when required.

Folding covers is a great option, but can get the bakkie’s bed slightly wet at times resulting from leakage, but offers fantastic value especially since it is generally cheaper than the other options. For people who live in high crime areas, the roll up cover is ideal. These covers are attached using a clamp, and should you ever keep any of your belongings in there the clamps will help to keep it secure.

Why Trust Xpert Covers with your Tonneau Cover Needs in Pretoria

We are a company based in Gauteng that provides the motor industry, specifically the bakkies industry with quality, affordable and durable tonneau covers which are made from PVC. We take care of the manufacturing, supply and fitment of our affordable and high quality products that feature exceptional durability.

Our tonneau covers afford you increased security when your goods are kept in the loading bin. The cover will also assist in keeping excess wind and water away from your loading bin. What is more, thanks to this great technology, you will save on petrol and fuel costs while improving the overall look of your bakkie.

We are uncompromising in our approach to the quality and high standards of our products and strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business. We have systems in place to make sure that our products exceed the highest level of quality that is required by our discerning customers.

Make contact with Xpert Covers today and view our range of quality guaranteed tonneau covers in Pretoria.


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