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Hard Bakkie Cover




A Hard Bakkie Cover vs. a Soft Bakkie Cover

Your next door neighbour just bought a hard bakkie tonneau cover and he hasn’t stopped boasting about how his cover is the best there is on the market. Now, you are trying to decide whether a hard tonneau cover is the best for your bakkie too.

Choosing a tonneau cover isn't an easy pick, there are so many choices and factors involved with tonneau covers. They can be made from different materials ranging from vinyl and fiberglass to hard plastic and aluminium. The choices basically depend on your style and bakkie performance need. However, despite the numerous choices of tonneau covers these days, they all fall into two categories: soft covers and hard bakkie covers.

What's the Right Type of Tonneau Bakkie Cover for You?

The first decision you need to make when comparing tonneau covers is choosing which style meets your protection needs. Soft covers are the easiest and most affordable way to cover your bakkie bed. They’re crafted from a durable vinyl top, and they roll up for easy access. On the other hand, hard covers provide maximum security against sticky-fingered thieves, plus they also enhance your bakkie’s style. But, that extra style and protection is going to cost you a lot more at checkout.

Once you decide whether to opt for a soft cover or a hard cover, you still have one more decision to make regarding style preferences: How do you want to access your gear? If you choose a soft cover, you’ll enjoy easy access by rolling your cover into and out of place. But, hard covers come in several different styles, including hard folding covers, hinged covers, retractable covers and more. If you don’t need anything too fancy, the hinged or folding tonneaus are going to be the more affordable option. Take a look at some of the most popular hard bakkie covers available in the market today:

  • Hinged - these covers are almost like a trunk lid for your bakkie bed. They are normally hinged at the front of the bakkie bed, giving you quick access. They are made from either hard or soft materials, are lightweight and very strong. The hard hinged tonneau covers usually come preassembled from the manufacturer for easy installation. Most brands of hinged covers also allow you to completely remove it for complete access to the bed.
  • Retractable - these covers are a relatively new innovation in hard tonneau cover engineering. They roll up into a canister at the front of the bed. These tonneau covers offers a very sleek and streamlined look. Retractable tonneau covers are very watertight and offer some of the best security features of any cover. Retractable covers give you virtually unrestricted access to your bed.
  • Hard folding - this type of cover folds into two or more panels for quick and easy access of the bakkie bed. Control of the aperture size is the main benefit of its design, making them slightly easier to handle than their hinged counterparts.

If soft tonneau covers sounds like something you would prefer, it is the cheaper of your two options. A soft cover protects your bed from the elements and any potential thieves. Just because they are cheaper in price doesn't mean soft covers are of a lower quality. Soft models come in several designs:

  • Roll-up – these covers are usually made from a soft vinyl or canvas material that is attached to your truck with snaps, Velcro, or mounted on a frame. Roll-up covers are considered the "traditional" tonneau cover and were the first type of tonneaus available for bakkies. If you want an affordable cover for your bakkie, this is the best choice for you.
  • Clip-on – these pretty much elevate the look and functionality of your vehicle to a new level. First, an aluminium frame is installed around the bed of the vehicle; a flexible PVC overlay is then installed on the frame. This overlay can be pulled back or fastened with little effort and in no amount of time at all. This makes it perfect for those who prefer economy combined with quick and efficient functionality.
  • Half-moon zip – this type is ideal for quick and regular access into the bed of the vehicle with opening and closing done in a matter of seconds. This type resembles the standard soft cover, with the only difference being that a half-moon portion at the rear end of the PVC overlay can be zipped and unzipped. The overlay is perfect for the storage of items a bit longer than the bed itself, such as surfboards, canoes and camping gear.

Soft tonneau covers are stretched tight; they are stylish, plus they help save money. Hard bakkie covers are the ultimate when you like to have customized looks - seamless fitting moulded-over edges with optional paint matching and a locking mechanism.

In deciding whether to choose a soft or a hard bakkie cover, there are simply, two things you need to consider, one, cargo security and convenient access of the bakkie bed. Choose carefully to ensure you are making the most out of your investment and to ensure you enjoy the countless benefits of this bakkie cover.


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