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Isuzu Bakkie Cover




Reasons to Buy an Isuzu Bakkie Cover for Your Holiday

If you own an Isuzu bakkie then you are definitely an outdoors person and must surely love getting in your bakkie and heading down to the beach with the family and surfboards in tow; or you may even thrive on family camping holidays, undoubtedly carrying all your camping equipment and gear in the back.

Keep your Luggage and Equipment Safe

With your holiday plans all set, you may be missing one important thing - your Isuzu bakkie cover, because no holiday is complete without one. If you are hauling things like camping equipment, luggage, cameras and surfboards, well then you will find that tonneau bakkie covers are incredibly useful in organizing storage and will help you make sure that loose items are kept close.

Moreover, if you are driving on dirt roads you will want to protect your valuable items against dirt, dust and little stones. A cover assures that your items in the bakkie are covered and shielded from uncontrollable weather conditions like hail and extreme sun, sudden downpours of rain, and even strong wind. These elements have a chance of damaging your items and even your bakkie bed area. This add-on is considered the best way to make sure that your valuables remain secure and nothing gets blown away while you are parked or driving.

Make sure that you choose a cover with great design features and a maximum amount of protection against various extreme weather conditions. Nowadays, most bakkie covers have weather seals that can ensure protection from rain which are channelled away from the cargo. There are bakkie covers with support bows that are arched or raised in order for moisture to run-off. As of now, there is no bakkie bed cover that has been invented yet which is 100% watertight, but most have been doing a great job in keeping your gear stored tightly in nasty and unpredictable weather.

Acts as a Theft Deterrent

An Isuzu Bakkie cover will fool the eyes of thieves. In other words, your valuables will remain a mystery as long as they are protected and well covered by a tonneau cover, so you can be confident enough that your belongings are safe even if you leave them for a while. By placing the items under cover you will also not have to remove the items every time you stop and leave the vehicle. There are however, other models like retractable and hard tonneaus which offer more secure key locking systems that can be latched closed at the tailgate.

Save Money While Travelling

Now, I bet you never knew that a bakkie cover can help you reduce your fuel costs? Your petrol costs will be reduced once you install a tonneau cover. Bakkies and other bigger vehicles can consume a lot of petrol, especially during heavy traffic; not every bakkie owner knows that having an open bakkie with no tonneau cover can increase petrol usage - as the air flows over the front end of the aerodynamics of a vehicle and swirls into your bakkie bed catching on the tailgate. The result - it will steal several miles out of your tank. But if you cover your bakkie bed very tight, especially if you use a tonneau bakkie cover (actually, the soft types, are advisable to use), you can save mileage.

If you drive your Isuzu as much as it was designed for, then you can be saving money by simply having a tonneau cover. Moreover, it is very possible that you could save up to 10% of your average monthly fuel costs.

Improve the Appearance of your Isuzu Bakkie

Most tonneau covers provide a sleek look. Some of them are made of smooth leather or PVC with grain patterns while some can be customized and matched with your preferred style and colour. A smooth bakkie bed cover can enhance the custom style of a bakkie from a simple bland look to an outstanding look. Each cover offers a custom fit to the bakkies dimensions based on the year it was made, model and make. The overall result: your bakkie is now sportier and sexier, and its appearance can be totally unique.

Whatever the model of your Isuzu bakkie, we at Xpert Cover have a tonneau cover for you. Contact us today or see our website for more details on our tonneau cover range, and discover how you can save money and keep your valuables safe these holidays.


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