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Professionally Fitted Bakkie Covers in Gauteng

Fitting bakkie covers in Gauteng has now become very popular; it’s a very effective way of adding functionality to your bakkie, especially since it’s so versatile. There is a cover for every bakkie, making it easy for vehicle owners to choose the type of cover that they want to have installed. It’s a great alternative to having a canopy installed, and it’s much more affordable and cost-effective too.

If you drive a company vehicle that is branded, you can have a cover installed that will match the colour and style of the vehicle. This is great for delivery vehicles and small trucks as they drive around in traffic all day long, and businesses would want them to be perfectly matched with their overall brand image. If you use a professional installer like Xpert Covers for your installation needs, you can benefit from having a custom fitted cover for your company’s bakkie.

If you have a roll bar fitted at the back of your bakkie, you can have the cover custom made to fit around the bars, making it look even more stylish without being restrictive. There are a lot of bakkies on our roads that have roll bars fitted as an additional security measure, or simply because it makes the entire car display better; these bakkies can all have covers fitted because they can be custom made by a supplier like Xpert Covers.

Useful Functionality

One of the most important aspects of fitting bakkie covers in Gauteng is the additional functionality that they provide your bakkie with. Regardless of the make and model you drive, you can now make use of the space you have available by transporting goods and items safely and securely. These bakkie covers completely cover up the area at the back of the bakkie, so it provides additional security while driving. If you need to park somewhere, you can be rest assured that your goods are out of sight and that people cannot see what is inside. This used to be a huge problem for many people as you could not leave things on the back of your vehicle without supervision; it’s now easier than ever to make good use of your available space.

These bakkie covers in Gauteng have been constructed to be very durable and versatile, so that they can last for years to come. Xpert Covers uses only the best materials for all our products, so you can be rest assured that you will receive a high quality product that is durable and pleasing to the eye. We can provide you with different types of covers and they are also available in different colours to fit your vehicle.

If you have a specific make and model that can’t use a standard cover, you can have a custom cover made for your vehicle. Xpert Covers can provide you with the perfect, custom made cover for your bakkie that fits perfectly on your vehicle and allows you to benefit from the additional functionality. You can choose between clip-on covers that are convenient and provide basic protection, or a half-moon zip cover that allows for more space to be used underneath. Most of the smaller bakkie models use half-moon zip covers as they allow owners to load items that are slightly larger in size without damaging the cover or being restricted.

Adding a bakkie cover is a great investment for any car owner to make, as it is versatile, very convenient, and offers the ability to utilize the space you have available more than you did before. Bakkie covers in Gauteng are especially popular among bakkie owners who do not have a canopy fitted. It’s a cost effective way of still concealing the back part of your vehicle without having something too big installed, or something that might disrupt your view. Business owners cannot always fit canopies as they might be impractical for their business.

Xpert Covers specialises in a variety of bakkie covers in Gauteng. We provide professional installation services to bakkie owners and can provide you with a solution that is perfect for your particular model. We have been in business for years and we are conveniently based in Gauteng.


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