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Double Cab Bakkie Cover




Installing a Double Cab Bakkie Cover

If you own a bakkie you know just how convenient all the loading space is. It’s easy to transport items from one place to another and very helpful if you need to load and transport heavier items to a specific location. However, you can make your bakkie even more versatile by installing a double cab bakkie cover.

One of the most important benefits of the bakkie cover is the security that it can provide you with. With a professional cover installed you will be able to drive around and park your vehicle, knowing that your goods will be safe. Driving around with an open loading bin can be very dangerous if you need to stop at an intersection, or in the parking area of a shopping mall or business. Now you can enjoy added security, since people won’t be able to see what you are transporting underneath your cover. You can simply make sure that the cover is completely closed and you can then leave your vehicle alone with a bit more ease.

Another great benefit of double cab bakkie covers includes the ability to protect the goods that you are transporting. You can protect the goods from being exposed to the weather elements, like rain, hail, and sun damage. This is important if you are transporting valuable goods, or if you need to deliver products to a customer. This is why most delivery vehicles have covers, so that they can protect the goods that they are transporting. Accidents can happen at any time which is why you need to protect the items that you transport as much as possible. This is not only for fixed, but also any other damage that might occur at any time.

If you transport items like cement and sand, you will likely lose a part of the load while driving due to the fact that it is not covered properly. This means that you will also lose money in the process and this is never a desirable option. With a double cab bakkie cover you will be able to cover the lode you are transporting and thus reduce the chances of losing your load while you drive. This is also great for days when the weather won’t play along; you won’t have to worry about winds and rain as your load will be effectively covered.

Research has shown that double cab bakkie covers can help to reduce the wind drag effect while driving. This provides an added benefit in that you will save energy and also allow the vehicle to be more fuel-efficient. Regular fuel savings will quickly add up to significant benefits over time, which is why it's always a good idea to install professional bakkie covers for all your vehicles. Delivery vehicles can especially benefit from this a these bakkies spend a lot of time on the road on a daily basis while visiting customers and suppliers.

Professional Installations

Double cab bakkie covers can be installed by a reliable provider like Xpert Covers. We provide a wide variety of covers that are suitable for any make or model. We also installed clip-on covers, as well as half-moon zip covers that allow for easy access to your loading bin. We also take care of all repair work on these covers, which allow you to benefit from professional after sales service from our team.

Custom made covers are perfect for vehicle owners who cannot find a standard size cover to fit their specific make and model. We can provide covers that are custom made especially for your bakkie and ensure that it is a perfect fit. You can choose between many different types of covers so that you can find the one that is perfect for your needs. We will take accurate measurements and make sure that we provide you with a high quality, durable and affordable cover for your vehicle.

Xpert Covers is a leading provider of double cab bakkie covers in Gauteng. We provide a variety of vehicle models with covers that are made from high quality PVC. We supply our products directly to the public and work with more than 140 dealerships around the country.


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