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Company Summary

Bakkie Covers is a Gauteng based company that provides the motor industry, mainly bakkies, with tonneau covers, made from PVC.  Bakkie Covers manufacture, supplies and fits an affordable product of high quality and durability that increases sales of bakkies by dealerships. A tonneau cover provides security when goods are kept in the loading bin. The cover also helps to keep excess water and wind out of the loading bin. The owner will also save on fuel consumption. A tonneau cover improves the overall look of the bakkie!

The quality policy of Bakkie Covers is to maintain a high standard of excellence in all aspects of our products and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers.We will ensure that our products achieve and exceed the highest level of quality required by our customers through constant monitoring and periodic evaluation of our quality processes!


Bakkie Covers is targeting the motor vehicle industry and supply direct to the public. Bakkie Covers currently has over 140 dealerships as fixed clients in Gauteng only.

Our most prominent being Ford,Toyota,Nissan,GWM,Fiat,Tata,GM(Opel & Isuzu) to name but a few and is still growing.

We also supply to a majority of fitment centres all over Gauteng.


The mission of Bakkie Covers is to provide an affordable high-quality and durable product. Our company is dedicated to provide a hassle free, easy and fast fitted cover for bakkies. Unlike other Tonneau cover providers in Gauteng that are solely concerned with turning profits, Bakkie Covers wants to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Objectives & Keys to Success

Bakkie Covers maintains competitive prices, while working towards expanding the number of sales per day. Within the company we strive to work as a cohesive, harmonious unit.Just as customer satisfaction is an intricate part of Bakkie Covers success, so is employee satisfaction. Bakkie Covers believes that employee satisfaction will make the company a success and will be the key to their longevity.

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